Lincolnshire Folk

A Day of Music and Dance
Burghley House
17 May 2008

Here are some photos from a great day
(All photos copywrite Martin Browne)

One Third of Jet Blues & Skiffle- Eric Hubbert

Mr Lincolnshire Folk Song himself....Brian Dawson

Bourne Borderers in action were a chilly old day......

Poacher Morris

Phill Biggs (trying to hide behind a pole) and Mark Addison

Nice to see some youngsters involved

Byards Leap

They start'em young at Poacher Morris.....

The tea lady

Poacher Morris in action

The Lincolnshire Folk Committee would like to thank Jo Tinker and her team at Burghley House for their warm welcome and hospitality.
Thanks also to Martin Browne for the photos.

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