Folk21 Regional Event in partnership with Lincolnshire Folk
Faldingworth Memeorial Hall 17th May 2014

Kelly Alcock (Secretary) of the Folk 21 National Committee started the afternoon off by explaining the purpose and philosophy of Folk 21.
This was followed by a series workshop activities based around aspects of folk event organisation. Hosted by Sue Dewsbury (Secretary) of Lincolnshire Folk this included the use of the media and social media platforms, and group development of '10 top tips for starting a folk club'.
Jess Vincent and Reg Meuross entertained us with a set of songs while we relaxed with a well deserved cup of tea and this was followed by an open forum with a chance to discuss issues particularly relevant to Lincolnshire folk clubs and venues.

Jess Vincent

photo Sue Dewsbury

This raised a number of very interesting suggestions, including the need to encourage universities and colleges to have folk clubs as part of their Students Union activities. This could ensure a continuing audience base for folk music in the future.
It was also thought that too many festivals and venues seem to be part of a circus. A group of big name artists appear at every one. This lack of variation limits the opportunities for other artists.

The evening concert showcased six excellent acts illustrating the wealth of talent and diversity within the folk genre.... here are some photos.....

Stuart Forster & Carol Anderson

Roger Davis

Warren James

Union Jill

Luke Jackson


All photos (except where stated otherwise) ~ Mike Dewsbury;
Note- these are lower resolution images to speed up the website but if you would like copies of the originals please get in touch

Thanks to everyone at Faldingworth Memorial Hall for their hospitality and their excellent catering.

A special vote of thanks to Dave Downs and his team who did a superb job on the PA.

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