Lincolnshire Folk

Spring Meeting 2011
Welland Yacht Club; Spalding
6th March

Here are some photos from a great afternoon

Mistress of Ceremonies: Lizzy Padgett

Kate Mills & Jan Limback

Keith Gudgin from Sheffield


Photo John Blanks

Teresa McClean

Local Lad; Martin Browne from Spalding


Dean Hardy from Bourne

Giuseppe D'Andrea



Norman Lovegrave

Autoharp Bob Ebdon from Nottingham

Mr FolkRadio - Tom Lane

Paul Brightman and Angela King

Paul Dickinson and Angela King

Better Late Than Naked without the Tall One

Mr Lincolnshire Folksong: Brian Dawson

All photos by Mike Dewsbury: These are reduced resolution to speed up the download but if anyone would like copies of the original hi-res pictures please just ask.

The Lincolnshire Folk Committee would like to thank the Welland Yacht Club for their hospitality, Doug and Kate for running the raffle; Rosemary and Janet for the refreshments and special thanks to Elizabeth for keeping it all together and of course to all those who turned up to make it a great afternoon

The next event is the charity event at Faldingworth Memorial Hall on July 3rd
Please see the dates page for more information

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