Gainsborough Folk Club

Mission Statement

Music of the people, by the people, for the people

Gainsborough Folk Club intends to further the cause of Folk and ancillary music/songs, in a sustained effort to preserve the Lore of the land in musical history.

It will always attempt to present quality performances and a diverse, Folk based menu of music/songs. The Club will welcome all “interested” parties into its confines as performers, listeners and critics.

The Club will accurately advertise any professional acts, employed for one or more evenings in the Club and exact payment as necessary to cover the cost of those acts.

The Club will maintain a regular schedule, so that all who travel to the Club will know exactly when the Club functions.

Aims and objectives.

1) To provide a myriad of Folk music/songs, ranging from traditional to modern and ancillary music/songs which may have developed therefrom.

2) To provide entertainment and space to perform the above, not only for our own Club but in support of others.

3) To advise, support, encourage and otherwise help (where possible) any new performers in an effort to project them forward onto the Folk Circuit.

4) To provide performances, not only for other Clubs but for Festivals and Concerts as requested and if convenient.

All those who are considered Members of Gainsborough Folk Club, are expected to represent the Club in a positive light and not to bring it in any way into disrepute.

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